Javanese Traditional Silvered Metal Dancer's Headdress Decorated With Clear Facetted Glass Cabochons

Javanese traditional Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), dancer's headdress, decorated with clear Glass facetted cabochons. The headdress is made up of twenty-seven Silvered Metal curved parallel bands, each inlaid with clear facetted Glass cabochons. The bands are attached to curved frame which ends with a triangular point at the front of the headdress. At the base of the sides of the headdress are lines of Silvered Metal chains, also decorated with facetted clear Glass cabochons. The top of the headdress is decorated with a crown of Silvered Metal curved bands, above which are five 'flowers' on stalks. The inner diameter of the headdress is 6.25 inches, and the height, from the top of the flowers to the chains on the side, is 15 inches

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Price: £750.00


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