A Necklace Of Thirty Graduated Bands Of Lime Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, And Cream Patterned Silk

A necklace of thirty graduated bands of lime green, dark green, dark turquoise, and cream patterned Silk cloth recycled from vintage Indian Sari cloth. Some of the Silk bands are patterned with a series of knots. The thirty bands are enclosed, at each end of the necklace, in a lime green Silk cover. The drop length of the thirty bands, at the centre of the front of the necklace, is 5.4 inches, and is adjustable in length. The necklace is finished, on each side, with a dark turquoise Silk band and loop, and threaded between the loops is a long dark turquoise Silk band which can be tied into a bow, and which allows the length of the necklace to be adjustable.

Price: £75.00

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