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A Moroccan Berber Tribal Necklace Of Glass Beads, Copal Amber And Enamelled Metal Beads

A Moroccan Berber old traditional long tribal necklace of bunched strands of orange 'coral' small Glass beads, six large dark brown 'amber' Resin beads, two smaller 'amber' Resin beads, and three large Silvered Metal patterned oval beads, each decorated with patterns of green, yellow, and blue enamel plaques. The necklace is suspended from two pink braided satin cords, each 14 inches in length. Suspended from the largest central Silvered Metal bead, are three linked Silvered Metal pendants-two triangular pendants with curved edges, and yellow, green, and blue enamelling, and a central Silvered Metal teardrop pendant with yellow, green, and blue enamelling. Beneath these three pendants are five smaller Silvered Metal enamelled pendants , each on Silvered Metal rings. The largest Silvered Metal bead is 1.6 inches in diameter, and 2.1 inches in length. The drop length of the necklace is , approximately, 19 inches in drop length, but due to the length of the two Satin bands, the overall length of the necklace is adjustable.

Price: £350.00


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