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Rajasthan Traditional Tribal Necklace With Patterned Silver Wheel Drop Pendants On Two Cotton Bands

A Rajasthan traditional tribal necklace of nine large patterned Silver graduated wheel drop fluted pendants, suspended from two bands of black, blue, and red Cotton strands. Northern India. Each Silver pendant is patterned, on each side, with a central domed circular disc bordered with a series of twenty-seven raised spokes. The wheel drop is suspended from a Silver patterned tube with a Silver disc at the front, and a domed top. The largest wheel drop is 1.6 inches in diameter, 0.5 inches in depth, and 2.4 inches in drop length. The smallest drop is 1 inch in diameter, 0.4 inches depth, and 1.7 inches in drop length. The two black Cotton bands of the necklace are, each, 10 inches in length and are joined, at the end, by a red and blue Cotton strands tassel. There is a sliding knot joining the two strands, so the length of necklace is adjustable.

Price: £420.00


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